Connecting BACE to Default WiFi

BACE devices with WiFi capability have by default a WiFi network configured, this can be used in case the device does not have any other options to connect to the internet, e.g. cellular connection is impossible and Ethernet is not available.

Default SSID or Hotspot name: -

Default (Hotspot) Password: Pd&51uJZZ$o*ZG&F

Default WiFi settings will only work is WiFi settings has not been modified to connect to an other network

The easiest option to set up a access point for the device to connect to is to enable a Hotspot on a phone, an example here on a Android phone, can be found under Settings.

Similar steps could be followed for setting up Hotspot for iOS devices. Here are a few handy links to do that.

You could also setup this access point on a router, when you do, make sure you have DHCP enabled and the router has internet, so the device gets an IP address and can connects to our servers.

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