Get Started Using Postman

Here are instructions to get you onboarded using Postman

Although we covered each endpoint in the following chapters, if you are familiar with using Postman, here are some files with example commands to get started very quick!

  1. Download the following BACE Postman collection and environment files to your laptop:

  1. Import both collection and environment files into your Postman.

  1. Fill in your API credentials in BACE PROD environment. Before leaving this page make sure it is saved and you have switched to BACE PROD environment.

Please reach out your Evalan representative to get client_id and client_secret if you don't have them yet.

  1. Go ahead try if Request Oauth2 Token (Password Grant) request in Authentication & Self to see if you are set up properly. You could receive a token and that will be automatically used for any requests in this collection file

  1. Next you can try calling an example API such as physical devices to see all gateways assigned to your account.

That's it, you are on BACE IoT Platform now! Feel free to check the next chapters to discover how BACE APIs work and understand the responses.

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