Accessing Events

Event Endpoint

The event endpoint provides information on events that have occurred in the BACE IoT platform. It returns a list of events and event details such as type, time, and description.

event endpoint has potential to return all events occurred in the system so it is strongly suggested to use filters explained in Advanced Features

Retrieve gateway and cloud events


Use this endpoint to get all events from all gateways or particular devices.

Query Parameters

    "items": [
            "id_event": 2204754,
            "id_group": "19a2d526-6219-4431-ab92-e6a1c091a5db",
            "source_device": "369e32b8-0db3-4f98-82d7-3bbb0c909b67",
            "from_device": 1,
            "event_type": "208",
            "event_type_label": "208 - Cloud connectivity changed",
            "event_type_description": "",
            "occurred_at": 1674828349,
            "value": "2",
            "datatype": null,
            "event_value_label": "Modem",
            "event_value_description": "Cellular connection in use"


The response will be a JSON array of events, with each event having the following attributes:

  • id_event: a unique identifier for the event.

  • id_group: the identifier of the group to which the event's source device belongs.

  • source_device: the identifier of the device that generated the event.

  • from_device: an identifier indicating whether the event was generated by a device or the cloud.

  • event_type: the type of event, represented by a numerical code.

  • event_type_label: a human-readable label for the event type.

  • event_type_description: a description of the event type.

  • occurred_at: the time at which the event occurred, represented as a Unix timestamp.

  • value: the value associated with the event. Some events have multiple values that inform different situations. Always refer to event_value_label and event_value_description to understand what it is.

  • datatype: the data type of the value field.

  • event_value_label: a human-readable label for the event value.

  • event_value_description: a description of the event value.

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